Google Certified Professional - Cloud Architect (GCP) - Professional-Cloud-Architect Exam Practice Test

Your office is connected to GCP via a VPN connection. How can you increase the speed of your VPN connection, assuming that your office Internet is not the bottleneck?
Correct Answer: D
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Your company is running a stateless application on a Compute Engine instance. The application is used heavily during regular business hours and lightly outside of business hours. Users are reporting that the application is slow during peak hours. You need to optimize the application's performance. What should you do?
Correct Answer: C
Case Study: 7 - Mountkirk Games
Company Overview
Mountkirk Games makes online, session-based, multiplayer games for mobile platforms. They build all of their games using some server-side integration. Historically, they have used cloud providers to lease physical servers.
Due to the unexpected popularity of some of their games, they have had problems scaling their global audience, application servers, MySQL databases, and analytics tools.
Their current model is to write game statistics to files and send them through an ETL tool that loads them into a centralized MySQL database for reporting.
Solution Concept
Mountkirk Games is building a new game, which they expect to be very popular. They plan to deploy the game's backend on Google Compute Engine so they can capture streaming metrics, run intensive analytics, and take advantage of its autoscaling server environment and integrate with a managed NoSQL database.
Business Requirements
Increase to a global footprint.

Improve uptime - downtime is loss of players.

Increase efficiency of the cloud resources we use.

Reduce latency to all customers.

Technical Requirements
Requirements for Game Backend Platform
Dynamically scale up or down based on game activity.

Connect to a transactional database service to manage user profiles and game state.

Store game activity in a timeseries database service for future analysis.

As the system scales, ensure that data is not lost due to processing backlogs.

Run hardened Linux distro.

Requirements for Game Analytics Platform
Dynamically scale up or down based on game activity

Process incoming data on the fly directly from the game servers

Process data that arrives late because of slow mobile networks

Allow queries to access at least 10 TB of historical data

Process files that are regularly uploaded by users' mobile devices

Executive Statement
Our last successful game did not scale well with our previous cloud provider, resulting in lower user adoption and affecting the game's reputation. Our investors want more key performance indicators (KPIs) to evaluate the speed and stability of the game, as well as other metrics that provide deeper insight into usage patterns so we can adapt the game to target users.
Additionally, our current technology stack cannot provide the scale we need, so we want to replace MySQL and move to an environment that provides autoscaling, low latency load balancing, and frees us up from managing physical servers.
For this question, refer to the Mountkirk Games case study. You need to analyze and define the technical architecture for the compute workloads for your company, Mountkirk Games.
Considering the Mountkirk Games business and technical requirements, what should you do?
Correct Answer: A
Your architecture calls for the centralized collection of all admin activity and VM system logs within your project.
How should you collect these logs from both VMs and services?
Correct Answer: D
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The operations manager asks you for a list of recommended practices that she should consider when migrating a J2EE application to the cloud. Which three practices should you recommend?
Choose 3 answers
Correct Answer: A,C,E
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You want to optimize the performance of an accurate, real-time, weather-charting application.
The data comes from 50,000 sensors sending 10 readings a second, in the format of a timestamp and sensor reading. Where should you store the data?
Correct Answer: A
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Your customer support tool logs all email and chat conversations to Cloud Bigtable for retention and analysis. What is the recommended approach for sanitizing this data of personally identifiable information or payment card information before initial storage?
Correct Answer: B
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Your company runs several databases on a single MySQL instance. They need to take backups of a specific database at regular intervals. The backup activity needs to complete as quickly as possible and cannot be allowed to impact disk performance. How should you configure the storage?
Correct Answer: B
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Your company acquired a healthcare startup and must retain its customers' medical information for up to 4 more years, depending on when it was created. Your corporate policy is to securely retain this data, and then delete it as soon as regulations allow.
Which approach should you take?
Correct Answer: A
You need to reduce the number of unplanned rollbacks of erroneous production deployments in your company's web hosting platform. Improvement to the QA/Test processes accomplished an
80% reduction. Which additional two approaches can you take to further reduce the rollbacks?
Choose 2 answers
Correct Answer: A,D