Nutanix Certified Professional - Data Services - NCP-DS Exam Practice Test

An administrator needs to configure Windows Server Failover Clustering (WSFC) in a Nutanix environment using storage provided by the Nutanix cluster.
Which two prerequisites are required to accomplish this task? (Choose two.)
Correct Answer: B,C
A company's Marketing department requires the ability to recover files hosted in a Files share.
They also require the ability to restore files with a timeframe of 14 days.
Which two configurations are required to meet these requirements? ( Choose Two)
Correct Answer: C
A company has a number of thin clients which need to boot over the network. The company is using Volumes for this project.
Which two components are needed to meet these requirements? (Choose two.)
Correct Answer: A,D
The CIO has informed the administrator that the CFO is unable to upload a presentation for the board of directors to their home directory After reviewing the users home directory, the administrator was able to determine that other presentations were previously uploaded without any issues What Files configuration is causing this issue?
Correct Answer: A

An administrator is experiencing the Objects error message shown in the exhibit The administrator needs to verify these health aspects of the underlying Kubernetes MSP cluster
* All pods are healthy and running
* All nodes are ready
* All components in Kubernetes platform are healthy
Which commands should the administrator execute to obtain these health validations?
Correct Answer: C
An administrator has received multiple trouble tickets from users who are unable to access a particular Distributed share.
While troubleshooting the administrator observes that data located on FSVM 3 can be accessed but the data located on FSVMs 1 and 2 is inaccessible. The administrator receives this message when attempting to access data on FSVMS 1 and 2 Network object not found Both FSVM 1 and 2 nodes successfully reply to pings and the administrator is able to access data via the node IP What must the administrator check as a next step?
Correct Answer: C
An administrator is not able to create an SMB share on a new Files cluster, which is up and running.
Which action should the administrator take to resolve this issue?
Correct Answer: B
An administrator installed a new Log Analyzer which collects data from physical endpoints Data collected needs to be accessible and editable for three years after which the data must be deleted to optimize storage consumption Which setting should the administrator apply to meet these requirements?
Correct Answer: B
Which action will improve the performance of a database server storage using Volumes that is experiencing persistent slow queries?
Correct Answer: B
A company has implemented a new Retention policy requiring all Human
Resources Documents with these characteristics:
* Able to be stored for 7 years and then automatically deleted.
* Previous versions of the document must be retained for a minimum for 1 year.
The company is currently using objects as the backend storage for all data. Which action best enforces the Retention Policy?
Correct Answer: A
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