Juniper Service Provider Design, Specialist (JNCDS-SP) - JN0-1361 Exam Practice Test

You are designing a solution for an energy trading organization that allows them to stream natural gas prices to trading partners. Prices will be streamed to trading partners using the Internet. Trading regulations require that any trading data streamed over a public network must be encrypted and authenticated.
Which connectivity solution meets these requirements?
Correct Answer: A
Your customer is deploying a large number of Juniper WAN edge devices spread across several remote locations. The customer wants to create an isolated out-of-band management network where these devices can be securely accessed and managed using the CLI and, where possible, the WebUI Which two statements will satisfy the customer's requirements'? (Choose two)
Correct Answer: B,D
You are asked to improve the convergence time in your large enterprise WAN Each branch office network is multihomed to two central aggregation points using BGP.
Which action would satisfy the requirement?
Correct Answer: C
Your customer is deploying a multi-tenant data center and needs help with the WAN edge design.
What are two main design considerations for this environment? (Choose two)
Correct Answer: B,C
Referring to the exhibit, which two methods would be used by the designer of ISP E to ensure that traffic between ISP C and ISP A will traverse through ISP B? (Choose two.)
Correct Answer: A,B
You are asked to design a DDoS prevention system to help mitigate denial-of-service attacks that target your customers. The management group wants to know the effect FlowSpec may have on current network operations if it is implemented as a solution.
In this scenario which two statements are correct? (Choose two )
Correct Answer: A,B