Cisco Conducting Forensic Analysis & Incident Response Using Cisco Technologies for CyberOps - 300-215 Exam Practice Test

A security team received an alert of suspicious activity on a user's Internet browser. The user's anti-virus software indicated that the file attempted to create a fake recycle bin folder and connect to an external IP address. Which two actions should be taken by the security analyst with the executable file for further analysis? (Choose two.)
Correct Answer: C,E
A website administrator has an output of an FTP session that runs nightly to download and unzip files to a local staging server. The download includes thousands of files, and the manual process used to find how many files failed to download is time-consuming. The administrator is working on a PowerShell script that will parse a log file and summarize how many files were successfully downloaded versus ones that failed. Which script will read the contents of the file one line at a time and return a collection of objects?
Correct Answer: D
A scanner detected a malware-infected file on an endpoint that is attempting to beacon to an external site. An analyst has reviewed the IPS and SIEM logs but is unable to identify the file's behavior. Which logs should be reviewed next to evaluate this file further?
Correct Answer: A
What is the transmogrify anti-forensics technique?
Correct Answer: C
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Which tool is used for reverse engineering malware?
Correct Answer: B
Which scripts will search a log file for the IP address of and create an output file named parsed_host.log while printing results to the console?

Correct Answer: B