Symantec Administration of Symantec Client Management Suite 8.5 - 250-447 Exam Practice Test

What are two (2) Software update plug-in capabilities? (Select 2)
Correct Answer: B,C
What is the most likely cause when an endpoint that is in Cloud Enabled Management mode is unable to retrieve packages from a site server defined properly in the "Default Internet Site"
Correct Answer: A
What tool, installed by default on the notification server, displays a runtime view of the errors, warning, information and trace messages that occur real time?
Correct Answer: B
How can an administrator associate an asset with more than one owner?
Correct Answer: B
What is the function of the applicability rule?
Correct Answer: D
Which two (2) events or methods allow the administrator to create a backup of Notification Server cryptographic keys? (Select two.)
Correct Answer: C,D
What task, if completed, will likely fix many of the performance related issues an administrator may experience in an IT Management Suite implementation, when solving a database performance related issues?
Correct Answer: B
What can cause duplicate entries for a software resource in the Software Catalog?
Correct Answer: C
An administrator purchased a server with 16 core processors, 4 local HDDz, and 32 GB of RAM. The administrator plants to install MSSQL Server locally on the NS. What is the maximum number of managed computers, according to Symantec best practice, that hardware will support?
Correct Answer: B
An administrator uses the Software Update Policy Wizard to create the Software Update policy, which will be distributed to management computers?
How can the administrator disable unsupported operating system?
Correct Answer: D