VMware Associate VMware Data Center Virtualization - 1V0-21.20 Exam Practice Test

Which vSphere component centralizes automated patch and version management for clusters. ESXi. drivers and firmware. Virtual Hardware, and VMware Tools?
Correct Answer: B
A vSphere administrator wants to monitor the CPU usage of all virtual machines (VMs) in a specific host cluster using alarms. Which sequence of actions should the administrator use?
Correct Answer: B
A system administrator is preparing a host In a vSphere DRS cluster in partially automated mode for firmware patching and puts a host into maintenance mode. After several minutes, the host still has not entered maintenance mode.
How should the system administrator resolve this problem?
Correct Answer: C
Which configuration setting ensures that virtual networks on a virtual switch are isolated from each other?
Correct Answer: A
An administrator is migrating 100 virtual machines from one ESXi Host to another. The current lGigE network cards are only migrating four virtual machines simultaneously.
Which action should the administrator take to increase that number to eight?
Correct Answer: D