Microsoft Implementing a Software-Defined Datacenter - 070-745 Exam Practice Test

You are the system administrator for a manufacturing company. You implement a new solution for your windows server.
The file system drivers for all servers offloaded data Transfers (ODX).
You need to configure the servers.
Which four actions should you perform in sequence? Rearrange in correct order.
Correct Answer:


We can use the FLTMC command to list filter drivers and their supported features. If the value of the support Features registry key equals 3, then ODX is supported.
The Get-ItemProperty cmdlet gets the properties of the specified items.
You administer a Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) infrastructure. You have a Microsoft Azure subscription.
You must design a backup strategy that meets the following requirements:
*Back up the SCVMM hosts, virtual machines (VMs), and workloads.
*Use a protection agent to perform the backups.
*Automate the backup process.
You need to recommend a backup solution.
What should you recommend?
Correct Answer: A
Your company has two datacenters. You have Windows servers in both locations. The network that connects the datacenters has high bandwidth and low latency.
You are designing a new virtual machine (VM) and storage environment based on servers that run Windows Server 2016. You need to implement a solution that meets the following storage requirements:
*Tolerates the failure of a single datacenter.
*Ensures zero data loss in the event of a file system failure.
Solution: You implement a storage replica with synchronous replication.
Does the solution meet the goal?
Correct Answer: A
You are an administrator at Contoso ltd. You have a Microsoft system center virtual machine manager (SCVMM) host server with a 10 Gbps network interface card (NIC). The host server is configured for a multi-tenant environment. Contoso, provides three tiers of service of its tenants.

All tenants are configured to use the same virtual network and same virtual switch.
You configure the Maximum Bandwidth (Mbps) and minimum (Mbps) port profiles for each tenant according to their service tier.
Tenants report that they are not receiving the minimum service levels for their service tier.
You need to ensure that tenants receive the minimum service levels.
What should you configure?
Correct Answer: A
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You plan to deploy a new virtual machine (VM) that uses the following components:
* Windows server 2016
* Microsoft system center virtual machine manager (SCVMM)
* Nano Server
You create a Microsoft Hyper-V clustered environment and install SCVMM on a server named server1.
You need to create Nano based server image by using an SCVMM template. The image must contain the SCVMM agent.
Which 3 actions should you perform in sequence? Rearrange the answer in the correct order.
Correct Answer:


Install the VMM packages offline on an existing Nano Server
If you didn't add the VMM packages when you created the Nano Server VHD, you can install them later, as follows:
1. Copy the VHD/VHDX to a location on a Windows Server 2016 machine. For example: C:\MyNano.vhd.
2. Use PowerShell to install and import the NanoServerPackage provider of the PackageManagement (OneGet) PowerShell module:
Install-PackageProvider NanoServerPackage
Import-PackageProvider NanoServerPackage
3. After the provider is installed, you can search and install the VMM packages (VMM agent and Hyper-V), on the VHD using these cmdlets, where C:\MyNano.vhd is the location of the Nano Server based VHD.
Install-NanoServerPackage -Name Microsoft-NanoServer-SCVMM-Package -culture en-US
-ToVhd "C:\MyNano.vhd"
Install-NanoServerPackage -Name Microsoft-NanoServer-SCVMM-Compute-Package
-culture en-US -ToVhd "C:\MyNano.vhd
You deploy Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) and System Center Operations Manager (SCOM). You install the SCOM agent on the SCVMM server. You install the SCVMM management pack.
You need to ensure that Performance and Resource Optimization (PRO) is available.
What should you run?
Correct Answer: D
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You administer Microsoft system center Virtual machine manager (SCVMM). You create a virtual network adapter that connects a virtual machine (VM) named VM1 to a virtual switch called SW1.
You need to configure the maximum and minimum bandwidths for the virtual network adapter.
Which object should you create in SCVMM?
Correct Answer: B
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You install Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) and download a sealed management pack.
You receive notifications from a monitor that a critical resource experiences an overload situation. When you check the resource, it is not in an overloaded condition.
You need to add a new threshold value for the resource.
What should you create?
Correct Answer: D
You plan to deploy Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM). Windows Firewall is enabled on an devices.
The SCVMM installation must use secure ports.
You need to ensure that the SCVMM agents can communicate with the SCVMM management server and SCVMM library servers.
Which pons should you open? To answer, select the appropriate options m the answer area.
NOTE Each correct selection is worth one point.
Correct Answer:

A company has a Microsoft System Center virtual machine manager (SCVMM) environment. The environment includes a software load balancer (SLB) and virtual machine (VMs) that run Network controller.
You need to create a guest cluster.
What should you do?
Correct Answer: C
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